11 Nữ Sinh Tập 1 - Server Re-UpRe: Mind Season 1 Episode 1 - Server Re-Up

11 Nữ Sinh - Re: Mind Season 1

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Season 1

S1, Ep1
15 Feb. 2018
Episode #1.1
6.0 (37)
A group of terrified high-school classmates awakens to a chilling scenario - they're confined in a chamber of horrors, desperate for answers.
S1, Ep2
15 Feb. 2018
Episode #1.2
5.9 (30)
As the girls desperately try to find ways to escape, the gradually key into a commonality that brings them all together in the room.
S1, Ep3
15 Feb. 2018
Episode #1.3
6.1 (23)
When the girls fear their captivity is retribution for an incident with another classmate, they point fingers as to who is at fault.
S1, Ep4
15 Feb. 2018
Episode #1.4
6.4 (22)
The captives begin to string together clues and offer up confessions to solve the riddle as the table is cleared and set for new horrors.
S1, Ep5
15 Feb. 2018
Episode #1.5
6.6 (23)
A new concoction of riddles are offered into the mix as the remaining students decipher several seemingly unrelated incidents at school.
S1, Ep6
15 Feb. 2018
Episode #1.6
6.8 (24)
The girls finally realize that their antics at school have had profound, negative consequences - and their victims may be seeking revenge.
S1, Ep7
15 Feb. 2018
Episode #1.7
6.4 (23)
In a heartbreaking twist, one student confesses to the actions that may have led to the seven girls being held captive.
S1, Ep8
15 Feb. 2018
Episode #1.8
6.4 (22)
A horrifying truth is uncovered as the captives trace back the chain of events that led to the alleged suicide of one of their friends.
S1, Ep9
15 Feb. 2018
Episode #1.9
6.8 (21)
While recalling memories of their friend Miho's father, the hostages uncover a secret relationship between to of the remaining girls in the process.
S1, Ep10
15 Feb. 2018
Episode #1.10
6.9 (17)
Suspicions lead to the possibility that the mastermind is sitting amongst them all along, posed as a fellow captive and keeping watch.
S1, Ep11
15 Feb. 2018
Episode #1.11
6.1 (18)
With the list of culprits exhausted, the final captive comes face to face with the individual who's been scheming revenge.
S1, Ep12
15 Feb. 2018
Episode #1.12
6.2 (19)
The encounter between the last captive and the captor escalates dangerously when they see a glimmer of hope that may change their fate.
S1, Ep13
15 Feb. 2018
Episode #1.13
5.1 (20)
The story rewinds to the blissful, bygone days of friendship, giving further context to the terror the students soon will face.

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