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Season 2

S2, Ep1
11 Aug. 2018
Episode #2.1
When a criminal mastermind goes after one of their own, the Golden Time Team's Kang Kwon Joo butts heads with other cops over the crime. Detective Do Kang Woo sees the parallels with a murder in his past.
S2, Ep2
12 Aug. 2018
Episode #2.2
In the aftermath of the crash, the mastermind runs free. Director Kang Kwon Joo aims to team up with Detective Do, but it'll be harder than she thought, and the case unfurls into something much darker.
S2, Ep3
18 Aug. 2018
Episode #2.3
A convicted child rapist is released from prison and strikes again, to the anguish of the victim's family. Detective Do chases an all-too-familiar suspect, but nothing remains in his grasp.
S2, Ep4
19 Aug. 2018
Episode #2.4
With Kwak Min Soo in the grasp of law enforcement, the situation is turned on its head when someone gets through their safe walls. An old man finds the suicide of his friend, but nothing is as it seems.
S2, Ep5
25 Aug. 2018
Episode #2.5
With the life of Detective Park's wife on the line, the Golden Time Team chases after malicious voice phishers who attacked an old lady for her money.
S2, Ep6
26 Aug. 2018
Episode #2.6
Director Kang and Detective Do chase a stunning possible lead. An online show host makes a blood-chilling discovery in an abandoned military base.
S2, Ep7
1 Sep. 2018
Episode #2.7
The "zombie girl" makes her way into a nearby town, and the Golden Time Team does its best to get to her first. Director Kang is become unsure of Captain Do when she receives mysterious photos.
S2, Ep8
2 Sep. 2018
Episode #2.8
A pair of corpses are found on the harbors of Poongsan, and Detective Do chases the slightest hint of connection to his case. Agent Park's past troubles catch up with her and threaten her safety.
S2, Ep9
8 Sep. 2018
Episode #2.9
The Golden Time Team runs into twists at every turn in the case of Agent Park's abduction. Detective Do's blackouts make trouble for him again as he loses his grip on reality.
S2, Ep10
9 Sep. 2018
Episode #2.10
Detective Do is thrust into a high-stakes hunt with all of Poongsan's cops out for whoever's behind the disappearance of one of their own.
S2, Ep11
15 Sep. 2018
Episode #2.11
The serial killer reveals himself to Detective Do and Director Kang, but it only makes him lash out even more as he goes to teach the Golden Time Team a lesson.
S2, Ep12
16 Sep. 2018
Episode #2.12
With the serial killer brazenly turning himself in, Director Kang can't help but think something's off. Bang Jae Soo explosively pushes Detective Do to face his past, but not everything can come out in the end.

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