Ngôi Nhà Ma Ám Phần 8 Tập 1 - Server VIP FULLAmerican Horror Story Season 8 Episode 1 - Server VIP FULL

Ngôi Nhà Ma Ám Phần 8 - American Horror Story Season 8

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Season 8

S8, Ep1
12 Sep. 2018
The End
8.1 (3,211)
After a nuclear attack, a select few must survive in a bunker dubbed Outpost Three ruled by a tyrannical matriarch.
S8, Ep2
19 Sep. 2018
The Morning After
7.9 (2,377)
Michael Langdon prepares a meeting with the guests of Outpost 3. Meanwhile, Ms. Venable and Ms. Mead have a sinister plan in store.
S8, Ep3
26 Sep. 2018
Forbidden Fruit
8.7 (2,547)
Ms. Venable and Ms. Mead enact a sinister plan on Halloween, while a figure from the past resurfaces.
S8, Ep4
3 Oct. 2018
Could It Be... Satan?
9.1 (2,885)
Michael's history as a teenager, and how he came to find himself at the Hawthorne Boy's school, is revealed.
S8, Ep5
10 Oct. 2018
Boy Wonder
8.8 (2,419)
After witnessing the Apocalypse, Cordelia must act quickly to stop Michael or face the end of days.
S8, Ep6
17 Oct. 2018
Return to Murder House
9.5 (3,901)
After being sent to the Murder House to gather information on Langdon's past, Madison and Behold discover a horrifying secret about the next Supreme.
S8, Ep7
24 Oct. 2018
8.4 (1,862)
With her powers waning, Cordelia enlists the help of Coco to bring justice for the coven and take the first step in stopping Michael.
S8, Ep8
31 Oct. 2018
6.7 (1,980)
Michael grows desperate when his warlock allies are slaughtered and enlists the help of unlikely allies in his quest to start the apocalypse.
S8, Ep9
7 Nov. 2018
Fire and Reign
7.8 (1,564)
Michael asks the Cooperative for help with achieving world annihilation. A tragic event at the Academy sends Cordelia and Mallory into hiding.
S8, Ep10
14 Nov. 2018
Apocalypse Then
8.3 (2,102)
The witches prepare for a final epic battle with Michael.

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