Trả Đũa Phần 5 Tập 1 - Server Pi CatStrike Back: Legacy Season 5 Episode 1 - Server Pi Cat

Trả Đũa Phần 5 - Strike Back: Legacy Season 5

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Season 5

S5, Ep1
3 Jun. 2015
Legacy: Part 1
8.9 (469)
A friend of Locke needs section 20's help when his daughter is kidnapped.
S5, Ep2
10 Jun. 2015
Legacy: Part 2
8.6 (314)
Scott and Mike continue to look for the ones responsible for the embassy bombing. The ambassador recovers in hospital with Chloe and his wife beside him. Mike still recovering from the sore shoulder takes on desk command while Scott and Philip go out to get Ray McQueen back from the corrupt police. Ray will only talk with his wife safe.
S5, Ep3
17 Jun. 2015
Legacy: Part 3
8.8 (305)
As Locke realises his long-term friend is working with the dangerous Yakuza and Office 39, Scott must protect his son when they come under enemy fire.
S5, Ep4
24 Jun. 2015
Legacy: Part 4
8.8 (290)
Scott provides some parental advice to his son, while the rest of Section 20 attempt to locate Mei Foster. At the same time, Section 20 accepts an uneasy alliance with a pair of CIA mercenaries who are only interested in Shiro. The team attempts to stop Mei, while Scott races towards the action on a stolen motorcycle.
S5, Ep5
1 Jul. 2015
Legacy: Part 5
8.6 (265)
Scott and Stonebridge sneak into North Korea to destroy a factory where the vanadium is being processed. Finn is kidnapped. After destroying the factory Scott and Stonebridge surrender because Mei threatens to kill Finn.
S5, Ep6
8 Jul. 2015
Legacy: Part 6
8.5 (263)
Whitehall denies the existence of Scott and Stonebridge. Locke enlists the help of an old Russian friend to rescue his team. Li-Na uses Finn to coerce a confession.
S5, Ep7
15 Jul. 2015
Legacy: Part 7
8.6 (256)
The team head for Vienna following the lead on Li-Na & Kwon. From Nina's agent they get details of a meeting between Kwon and someone from Locke's past. They observe the meeting but things do not go according to plan.
S5, Ep8
22 Jul. 2015
Legacy: Part 8
8.6 (241)
Scott and Stonebridge chase Li-Na and Kwon and attempt to rescue Pirogova. Locke encounters "Oppenheimer" again and must decide his fate. Scott and Stonebridge discover Li-Na and Kwon's intended target with codes.
S5, Ep9
29 Jul. 2015
Legacy: Part 9
8.9 (258)
The Section 20 team is showing no signs of fatigue after their cross-global mission to track down slippery North Korean terrorist, Li-Na. Always one step ahead of his British bosses, instinct-driven Lt. Colonel Locke takes his team rogue once more as they defy Whitehall and travel to Geneva where he is convinced Li-Na and Kwon are preparing to attack the United Nations HQ.
S5, Ep10
29 Jul. 2015
Legacy: Part 10
9.1 (366)
A group of mercenaries led by Faber and Mason, pursue Scott and Stonebridge as they seek payback.

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Nguyễn Quốc Huy · Nha Trang
một phim bộ hành động xen lẫn chính trị hay nhất mà tôi từng xem !!!
27/01/2019, 13:25 PM
Ngọc Trai
Tập 6 đợi hơn 10 ngày mà vẫn chưa có ! Nhanh lên ad ơi. Cố gắng làm các phim về Ninja là OK.
16/07/2015, 13:57 PM
chờ tập 5 mòn mỏi
01/07/2015, 18:23 PM
Mấy ngày mới có một tập vậy ad
01/07/2015, 14:48 PM
Vĩnh Phạm Thành
Phim hay lắm ad à,nhưng mà bao lâu mới ra đc một tập vậy ad,nói cho mình biết để lót dép hóng
16/06/2015, 18:01 PM
Duc Nguyenanh
chờ mãi mới ra p5
13/06/2015, 23:34 PM

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